Journey into Winter

Tales & Songs first official “on the road family tour”….. A true Journey into Winter!  

Since the moment my partner & I welcomed the wonderful surprise of our first child with excitement and fear, we’ve both dreamt of somehow raising happy grounded children while living our true purpose and satisfying our mutual nomadic persuasions.

And while our first ever Story & Song Winter Tour was a far cry from the free-lovin’ wanderings of the 60s & 70s it sure was packed with a sense of freedom, wonder, adventure and good old-fashioned family fun!

It is such a joy and challenge to share my passion for nourishing kids stories and kids music with my own family of four. They help me write the content, they sing & play on the tracks and they especially love giving me feedback! But then to take the whole show – storytent and all – on the road together, well that was a whole other level of sharing.

Yes there were times they got sick of it & interrupted me mid-story performance because they couldn’t find Dad and they were hungry! Yes there were times when it felt very clear that 4 humans and a dog confined in the small space of a ute for hour upon hour of driving just wasn’t such a good idea! there were times when it felt very clear that 4 humans and a dog confined in the small space of a ute for hour upon hour of driving just wasn’t such a good idea! And yes, while we’re purposely not doing the math on it taking the family on tour definitely doesn’t add up financially?! But what is life without its challenges and what better time to explore them than on a Winter’s Journey together.

There is nothing quite like a long dark night or a freezing morning to teach us to come together as humans and share our warmth and this is by far the greatest gift we received as a family on our Winter Tour.

Through the frost, ice and even snow of a Victorian Winter we wrote chapter upon chapter of our own family story by the raging flames of a true Winter’s bonfire lighting the crisp starry night. We relished in the quiet of the snow covered landscapes and revelled in the adventure of speeding down a slope.

winter journey snow pic
We all made lovely new friends in Bellingen, Armidale, Melbourne & Sydney, brought together by a love of wholesome nature-inspired stories and songs for children, yet cemented by the age-old art of sharing our humanity.

And through all our experiences on the road, I loved that the gift of Winter’s cool cloak kept our family pressed firmly together – huddling together and sharing our warmth and light.

So a big thank you to all my new big and little story friends who made our Winter Tour possible, not forgetting King Winter himself for bringing a little family from Northern NSW just a little closer together.

Annie Bryant is a storyteller & musician from Mullumbimby, Australia who loves to share her seasonally-inspired stories and songs for children at live performances and on The Seasonal Collection of Winter, Spring, Summer & Autumn recordings. To listen to her stories & songs or find out more click here   

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