Seek & Find Launch + Autumn Treasures Within

Dear sweet soft Autumn, my favourite of all the seasons. A leaf gently falling, or more commonly here in the North East regions of Australia, a deep green pumpkin poking its head out from the leaves of the vine. There are so many treasures to be found in the harvest season & I am so pleased to be launching the final CD in my Seasonal Collection at this time of gratitude and celebration of all that we have achieved through the growing year behind us. It’s been such a huge journey creating not one, but four CDs in one yearly cycle and I am certainly feeling that warm glow¬†of gratitude in my heart for my ever-supportive husband and two boys, my Mum & Dad, my artistic cohorts Roddy Reason & Jodie Hewett, all my friends and family, and of course, the gifts of mother earth that have so deeply inspired this project. At harvest time we reap what we sow, and while I’m reflecting on what I have achieved and what I could have done better throughout this project, I am sitting here with a joy-filled heart at the beauty and privilege it is to share – give and receive – creative spirit with the world. Happy harvesting to you! x Annie

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