Wake Up: Stories & songs for children (CD)


A collection of four stories and four songs for children inspired by the season of Spring. Total run time 36mins


Wake Up: Stories & songs for children (CD) is a collection of 4 stories for kids and 4 songs for kids inspired by the season of Spring. Who will sing the sweetest of all at the Spring Ball? What does the warm and sometimes wild, Spring wind bring to the girl who truly loved it? Using the wonderful metaphors found in mother nature, Wake Up is packed with fun kids stories, sing-along kids songs and wholesome messages to bring light, self-confidence and joy into your family home. Perfect as bedtime stories, on long car trips or for rainy afternoons, this is the second in a four part series of waldorf-inspired recordings by Annie Bryant. Each one is especially written, recorded and woven together into a rhythmic journey through the beauty of our natural world. Artwork by Jodie Hewett. Total run time 36mins



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