We Came, We Gathered, We Launched!

Making music & crafting stories is a wonderful thing. And then sharing that creation with beautiful big innocent eyes that drink up every word and sound and then breathe it back out in a sigh, a smile, a dance or even a cuddle – now that is purely magical. It was such an honour to share the story tent with lovely little and big people at the official launch of Come Gather last Saturday. Each story came alive again and again throughout the day, each time in a slightly different way as is the dance between the teller and listener, the giver and the receiver. And like with any performance, the exchange is so sublime that the piece itself – story, song or smile – eventually finds its own space to live and breathe somewhere in between. Thank you everyone who came out to celebrate this wintry collection of tales and songs and I’m so excited that they are finding a life of their own out in the homes, cars and hearts of many others. May they journey well xx PS big thanks to Cara from ModernLoveCeremonies.com, Dallas from DallasHewettWriter.com & Rosie for the photo love x



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